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Record Store Day falls on April 23rd this year and brings with it a cavalcade of limited edition pressings, unique reissues of past classics, sundry rarities for the super fan, and all manner of cool and collectable wax. All of these releases are exclusive to RSD and are FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE (with one notable exception, we will go into later). They cannot be pre-ordered or placed on hold and all RSD titles are limited to one copy per person. Monster Music will open early at 8:00 AM but the line usually starts forming in the dewey hours of the early morning or even the night before - showing up as early as possible is your best bet at securing the record or records you’re looking for. Not including the RSD titles, we’ll also be having a storewide sale and our (in)famous sidewalk sale! 

While this year marks a return to a proper mid-April shindig, the wizards over at RSD have considered the supply chain issues that have plagued stores for the last couple of years and have a built-in fail-safe for any records that miss their April 23rd due date. June 18th is designated as an “RSD Drop” day for any records that are potentially delayed and RSD will be updating their list as it becomes apparent what records won’t be ready in time. With that said, after a few years of rather subdued RSD Drops, we’re stoked to get back to the real swingin’ high-heeled barn burner that is Record Store Day!

Now, the gory details at Monster:

As stated, the line forms whenever folks start showing up.  There are usually a few brave souls that get here before midnight.  They’ll trickle in all through the wee hours, really picking up steam around 5 or 6 am.  We open at 8 am, and we fully expect to have a line of about 150 people.  Signs will direct you where to line up.  There is a portajohn on the side of the building for your convenience.

Line rules: No leaving and coming back (except for portajohn), no bringing chairs and saving places for phantom people who show up at the last minute, no sleeping in your car and pretending you have a saved place in line.  Respect your neighbor and keep an appropriate distance. 

We will arrive with coffee and donuts around 7 am.

Sales are as follows:

15% off all new vinyl, CD, DVD, BluRay, Kpop, cassettes, etc (excluding RSD releases of course), and 30% off used.

15% off turntables and vinyl accessories – our biggest turntable sale yet!

30% off Funko Pops, posters, band t-shirts, stickers, toys, games, pop culture items & various assorted sundries.

Sidewalk sale – all items $0.25 each!


We will have two DJ sets – Eyeland Vibes will be spinning rare 45s at 12 Noon, and DJ G-Money will bring the funk at 2 pm!


Motley Chew Food Truck will be here 11-4!


Jason’s Jump Castles will set up their “Carolina Combo”, a bounce house with slide, basketball goal, and tropical theme!

Other vendor surprises, we’re still sorting them out!

Register to win a Monster custom C100BT-BK Crosley Bluetooth Turntable, which we will give away at 6 pm!

We will have a FULL LINE of exclusive RSD releases, well over 300 of them!  Make sure you check out the LIST of releases on the RSD site.


Any Record Store Day exclusives still in stock after Saturday will be available to be purchased on our website shortly after 8 am Sunday, 4/24!  (That’s the earliest we can make them available online, and if takes about 10-15 minutes for our site to fully update, so give it a few minutes if it doesn’t look quite right yet.)  We may also have some things available for sale on Discogs, so check that too, though we’d much rather have you purchase from us directly of course, so we don’t have to cough up the commission!


Now, a word about Taylor Swift.  The “Lakes” 7” is by far the most requested item on the RSD list.  There were 10,000 issued, and literally 1300 stores ordering double-digit copies each.  Clearly, there are not enough copies for everyone.  We ordered something like 150, and we will have approximately 10 copies.  From past experience, it’s a real downer when literally 100 people in line want the same item, and it sells out after 10 seconds.  That’s happened in the past with Dave Matthews, Brand New, & probably others we’ve forgotten about.  That’s just not the experience we want people to walk away with this time, particularly for the comparatively new-to-RSD Swiftie fans. 

SO, we are going to hold a no-cost drawing for the right to purchase the 7”.  If you wish to buy the Taylor record, be in line by 7:30 sharp, when we will be signing people up for the drawing.  You must be here by 7:30 if you wish to enter the Taylor Swift drawing!  We will pick winners at random at Noon, long after the initial madness of the morning has subsided.  This gives everyone a fair shake at the record and does not just reward the folks who camped out. 

Good luck to everyone!  And most of all, HAVE FUN ON RECORD STORE DAY!




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