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Chip Taylor

The Little Prayers Trilogy

MP3 Album: $9.99 Download

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The Clitboys

We Don't Play The Game

Vinyl: $10.98 UNAVAILABLE

MP3 Album: $6.99 Download

This 7" originally was released in 1983 in very limited quanities. The Clitboys were one of the original wave of US hardcore bands. The original pressing of this record is highly sought after and fetches quite a price. Not only are THE CLITBOYS a first wave hardcore band, but also one of the very first to be openly pro gay. This band and 7" was years ahead in paving the way for all the queercore as well as riot grrl and feminist bands.

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Fever 121614

Vinyl: $20.98 Buy

MP3 Album: $9.99 Download

Deerhoof recorded live at Fever in Tokyo, Japan. Includes high quality video download of entire concert. Clear Red vinyl in gatefold jacket with download code. Limited to 3000.

Track List
1 Exit Only 2 Paradise Girls 3 Let's Dance The Jet 4 Doom 5 Fresh Born 6 We Do Parties 7 Buck And Judy 8 Dummy Discards A Heart 9 Twin Killers 10 I Did Crimes For You 11 There's That Grin 12 Come See The Duck

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Merry Muthafuckin’ X-Mas [Red Vinyl SIngle]

Vinyl: $10.98 UNAVAILABLE

MP3 Album: $1.79 Download

First time on 45, Eazy-E's irreverent holiday classic features a raucous intro by none other than Dolemite himself! On red vinyl.

Track List
"Merry Muthaphuckkin' Xmas"/"Niggaz My Height Don't Fight"

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Felt 2: A Tribute to Lisa Bonet (10 Year Anniversary Edition)

Vinyl: $39.99 Buy

The second album from Felt, the hip-hop band made up of Murs and Slug, produced by Ant. Includes original album and never-before-released instrumentals. Custom quad-fold jacket. Includes free digital download card.  

Track List
01: Reintroduction 02: Employees of the Year 03: Your Mans and Them 04: Lisa (Never Easty On My Nextel) 05: Morris Day    06: Dirty Girl 07: Early Mornin’ Tony 08: Breaker Down Like A Shotgun 09: Marvin Gaye 10: Life Vegas 11: Bonet (Cement Angles)  12: Woman Tonight 13: Gangster Ass Anthony 14: The Biggest Lie 15: I Shot A Warhol 16: Reintroduction (Instrumental) 17: Employees of the Year (Instrumental) 18: Your Mans and Them (Instrumental) 19: Lisa (Never Easty On My Nextel) (Instrumental) 20: Morris Day (Instrumental) 21: Dirty Girl (Instrumental) 22: Early Mornin’ Tony (Instrumental) 23: Breaker Down Like A Shotgun (Instrumental) 24: Marvin Gaye (Instrumental) 25: Life Vegas (Instrumental) 26: Bonet (Cement Angles) (Instrumental) 27: Woman Tonight (Instrumental) 28: Gangster Ass Anthony (Instrumental) 29: The Biggest Lie (Instrumental) 30: I Shot A Warhol (Instrumental)

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David Gray

A Thousand Miles Behind

Vinyl: $23.98 Buy

MP3 Album: $9.99 Download

David Gray covering some of his favorite material by other songwriters including Bob Dylan, Bruce Springstein and more - (double vinyl in a wide spine with picture sleeves and download card)

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Ben Harper

Fight For Your Mind [LP]

Vinyl: $31.98 UNAVAILABLE

MP3 Album: $7.99 Download

Red and Green vinyl reissue in foil package with raised, embossed lettering. Numbered, and 500 autographed copies randomly distributed.

Track List
Another Lonely Day, Burn One Down, Excuse Me Mr., Gold To Me, Ground On Down, Oppression, People Lead, Please Me Like You Want To, By My Side, Fight For Your Mind, Give A Man A Home, God Fearing Man, One Road To Freedom, Power Of The Gospel

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John Malkovich, Sandro & Eric Alexandrakis

Like a Puppet Show

Vinyl: $39.99 Buy

Hot off the heels of the very viral and ongoing Sandro/John Malkovich “Homage To Photographic Masters” worldwide exhibit tour, comes the project’s first vinyl release, “Like A Puppet Show”.  Orchestrated by composer/producer Eric Alexandrakis, phase 2 of this multi-media project features tracks of John Malkovich reciting a translation of “Plato’s Allegory of the Cave”, from Plato’s Republic.  The “soundtrack” features such luminaries as Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon, Ric Ocasek, Dweezil Zappa, Young The Giant, OMD, and several others, who created abstract musical soundscapes around Malkovich’s dialogue. “Like A Puppet Show” is packaged in a beautiful double picture disc LP package, and features photos by award winning photographer/director Sandro of his beloved muse, John Malkovich.

Track List
SIDE A 1.  Cryocarbon 14C  MIXED BY ORCHESTRAL MANOEUVRES IN THE DARK; 2.  Cryolife 7:14 A.M.  MIXED BY YOKO ONO & SEAN LENNON; 3.  Cryoblue Cheese O  MIXED BY RIC OCASEK - SIDE B 1.  CryoZolon X  MIXED BY DWEEZIL ZAPPA; 2.  Darqgenia X  MIXED BY ANDY SUMMERS; 3.  Cryoparoxysm A  MIXED BY YOUNG THE GIANT SIDE C 1.  Platogenia X And The Caves MIXED BY THE DANDY WARHOLS; 2.  Optimogenia Z MIXED BY HARRY WATERS; 3. .  [Unnamed] MIXED BY DAVE STEWART SIDE D 1.  Cryoplacebo 47/XXY MIXED BY PLACEBO; 2.  Photogenia C (Ruler Of Light) MIXED BY CHRIS STEIN; 3.  Cryopian D  MIXED BY DOLORES O’RIORDAN

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Rockabye Baby!

Lullaby Renditions of Fleetwood Mac

Vinyl: $15.99 UNAVAILABLE

MP3 Album: $9.99 Download

Blue Marbled Vinyl

Track List
SIDE A 1. Go Your Own Way 2. Don’t Stop 3. Everywhere 4. Say You Love Me 5. Rhiannon 6. Little Lies
SIDE B 1. The Chain 2. Gold Dust Woman 3. You Make Loving Fun 4. Never Going Back Again 5. Dreams 6. Gypsy 7. Landslide

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P.S.K. What Does It Mean / Gucci Time

Vinyl: $10.98 Buy

This reissue of Schoolly D's debut 12 inch, one of the most legendary 12s in hip hop history, is brought to you by Get On Down with the full cooperation and involvement of the artist. In addition to the full color jacket with artwork by Schoolly D, the set comes with a bonus sticker pack of Schoolly's iconic artwork. The vinyl is in a split clear and yellow pressing with liner notes by noted hip hop author Brian Coleman and Schoolly D. 

Track List
"PSK What Does It Mean"/"Gucci Time" 

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Vitamin String Quartet

Vitamin String Quartet Performs Modest Mouse’s The Moon and Antarctica


MP3 Album: $9.99 Download

Brand new recording

Track List
SIDE A 1. 3rd Planet 2. Gravity Rides Everything 3. Dark Center of the Universe 4. Perfect Disguise 5. Tiny Cities Made of Ashes 6. A Different City 7. The Cold Part
SIDE B 1. Alone Down There 2. The Stars are Projectors 3. Wild Packs of Family Dogs 4. Paper Thin Walls 5. I Came as a Rat 6. Lives 7. Life Like Weeds 8. What People Are Made Of

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Mercury Rev/Lost Horizons

Rainy Day Record/Life Inside A Paradoxc

Vinyl: $9.98 Buy

Alt Rock veterans, Mercury Rev have returned with their first album in 8 years The Light In You and it has been getting high praise. On this split 7" they offer "Rainy day Record" - the last track from The Light In You. It features special guests - Nicole Atkins and Vanessa Gray on backing vocals. On The other side is Lost Horizons' "Life Inside A Paradox" - Lost Horizons are Simon Raymonde (Cocteau Twins, Snowbird) & Richie Thomas (Dif Juz), and this track features vocals by Cameron Neal (Horse Thief) and Sharon Van Etten.

Track List
"Rainy Day Record"/"Life Inside A Paradox"

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Shuggie Otis

Ice Cream Party

Vinyl: $10.98 Buy

MP3 Album: $1.79 Download

A brand new single written and recorded this year, and pressed on a limited edition gold vinyl 7"

Track List
"Ice Cream Party"/"Ice Cream Party (Instrumental)"

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The Sword

High Country


MP3 Album: $11.49 Download

Double LP limited edition picture disc

Track List
"Unicorn Farm", "Empty Temples", "High Country", "Tears Like Diamonds", "Mist and Shadow", "Agartha", "Seriously Mysterious", "Suffer No Fools", "Early Snow", "The Dreamthieves", "Buzzards", "Silver Petals", "Ghost Eye", "Turned To Dust", "The Bees Of Spring"

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Roscoe Holcomb

San Diego Folk Festival 1972

Vinyl: $17.98 UNAVAILABLE

MP3 Album: $7.99 Download

This is the first ever commercially available full live concert recording by Roscoe Holcomb and is previously unreleased in any format.

Track List
1. "Old Smokey" 2. "Little Birdie" 3. "Black Eyed Suzie" 4. "Across The Rocky Mountain" 5. "Graveyard Blues" 6. "Hook And Line" 7. "Single Girl" 8. "Wandering Boy"

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Bobby Long


Vinyl: $17.98 Buy

This Limited Edition LP is based on Bobby's new album, "Ode To Thinking" (from 8/07/15) that features six tracks from the CD and 3 new / never before avialble tracks.

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Ciao Best Of

Vinyl: $29.99 Buy

Ciao! Best Of Lush - the career spanning compilation from Lush comprises most of the band’s singles as well as choice album cuts and b-sides. Originally released back in 2001, it’s only now getting the vinyl pressing it deserves, with the initial run coming on red vinyl (2LP) on Black Friday.

Track List
A1. Ladykillers A2. Single Girl A3. Ciao! A4. 500 (Shake Baby Shake) A5. Light From A Dead Star
B1. Love At First Sight B2. Hypocrite B3. Desire Lines B4. Lovelife
C1. When I Die C2. Nothing Natural C3. Untogether C4. For Love
D1. Monochrome D2. De-Luxe D3. Sweetness And Light D4. Thoughforms D5. Etheriel

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William Onyeabor

Atomic Bomb

Vinyl: $21.99 Buy

MP3 Album: $4.99 Download

Step right up ladies and gentleman, now hear this, the one, the only, Nigeria's answer to Motown, Stax, Blue Note and Warp Records. We are proud to present, direct from the studios in Enugu, Nigeria, lord Jesus Christ's own emissary, Mr. William Onyeabor and his complete opus, one record at a time. Starting with the incomparable album, Atomic Bomb, officially released for Record Store Day's Black Friday. Great Lover, Hypertension, Crashes In Love (Original & 2nd Version), Good Name, Tomorrow, Body & Soul, and Anything You Sow also available. Boom!!

Track List
"Beautiful Baby"/"Better Change Your Mind"/"Atomic Bomb"/"Shame"/"I Need You All Life"

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Various Artists

To Love The Bee Gees

CD: $25.99 Buy

Black Friday Record Store Day Deluxe Edition: This limited edition version adds a bonus disc of 13 songs to the standard album's 15 songs (Also released on Nov. 27th). Unique for a Tribute album, 11 of the bonus tracks are alternate versions of songs on the standard disc by the same artists. Also included, two exclusive additional covers not on the standard version. All profits from To Love The Bee Gees: A Tribute to the Brothers Gibb go to the Foundation To Be Named Later and MLB Hall of Fame writer Peter Gammons' Scholarship Fund.
Highlights from this two CD set include the new recordings from 70's power pop icon Emitt Rhodes, re-emerging after a 40 year hiatus, a very rare appearance by "Canadian National Treasure" (According to Michael Stipe), Mary Margaret O'Hara, Belle & Sebastian founding member Isobel Campbell, Mexican Alt-Dance powerhouse Kinky, SheLoom (Featuring baroque pop master Eric Matthews, Blinker the Star member Eric Zadorozny, and noted Italian musician Filippo Gaetani), The Silver Seas, Warner Brother Recording artists Dylan Gardner, Stones Throw Soul Duo Myron & E, Martin Carr of the Boo Radleys, Brazzaville, and many more.

Track List
Standard disc: The Silver Seas "I Started A Joke"
SheLoom "Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You"
Isobel Campbell "How Deep Is Your Love"
Emitt Rhodes "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart"
Elayna Boynton "To Love Somebody"
Kinky "Living Together"
Myron & E "Jive Talkin'"
Dylan Gardner "Massachusetts"
The Boy Joys "Cucumber Castle"
Brazzaville "Fanny (Be Tender With My Love)"
Mary Margaret O'Hara "Tell Me Why"
Martin Carr "Stayin' Alive"
Low Leaf "Blue Island"
Gloom Balloon "Words"
Jess Delgado "I Can Bring Love"
Black Friday Record Store Day Bonus Disc
Martin Carr "Stayin' Alive (Alive In Dub)"
Bebopalula "Melody Fair"
Low Leaf "Blue Island (Extensions)"
The Boy Joys "Cucumber Canticle (Sicut Monachi Agere)"
Brazzaville "Fanny (Be Tender With My Love) (Instrumental Dub)"
Myron & E "Jive Talkin' (Kirkwood Groove version)"
Jess Delgado "Prends Mon Amour (I Can Bring Love)"
Elayna Boynton & Patrick Park "To Love Somebody (Acoustic version)"
Dylan Gardner "Massachusetts (Dragonetti Remix)"
SheLoom "Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You (The Genesis Mission)"
Isobel Campbell "How Deep Is Your Love (Alternate version)"
Emitt Rhodes "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart (Acoustic version)"
The Silver Seas "Night Fever"

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Frank Zappa

Feeding the Monkies at Ma Maison

Vinyl: $19.98 UNAVAILABLE

MP3 Album: $8.99 Download

“Feeding The Monkies At Ma Maison” is a work originally intended for vinyl by Frank Zappa and realized on his Synclavier. (Consider FZ’s Grammy Awarding-winning “Jazz From Hell” as an introductory prequel, having been created earlier in the same year.) Cut directly from 1630 Digital Master by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering, 2015. First time the three performance will appear on vinyl. Bright orange vinyl.

Track List
"Feeding the Monkies at Ma Maison", "Buffalo Voice", "Secular Humanism"

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