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Pearl Jam

Live At Easy Street [RSD 2019]

Vinyl: $24.99 Buy

Pearl Jam's live performance at Seattle's Easy Street Records in 2005 now available on vinyl for RSD 2019, for which they are the AMBASSADORS

1) 1/2 Full 2) Lukin 3) American In Me 4) Save You 5) Bleed For Me 6) The New World 7) Porch

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Johnny Adams

Heart & Soul [RSD 2019]

Vinyl: $21.98 Buy

Originally released in 1969, Heart & Soul is a stunning compilation of hits by American blues musician Johnny Adams. The 11-track album, produced by Shelby Singleton, contains various songs recorded between 1962 and 1968. The unique blending of 1960's gospel, soul, pop, blues, funk, and country has lead critics to deem the collection as some of Adams' finest and most astonishing work.

A1 Georgia Morning Dew 3:25
A2 In A Moment Of Weakness 2:35
A3 Real Live Living Hurtin' Man 3:10
A4 Lonely Man 2:37
A5 I Won't Cry 2:17
A6 Release Me 2:46
B1 Proud Woman 2:40
B2 I Can't Be All Bad 3:04
B3 A Losing Battle 2:23
B4 Living On Your Love 1:45
B5 Reconsider Me 3:50

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Adrenalin O.D.

Let's BBQ [RSD 2019]

Vinyl: $17.98 UNAVAILABLE

MP3 Album: $9.99 Download

BEER CITY SKATEBOARDS AND RECORDS is proud to bring you ADRENALIN O.D. - Let’s BBQ Gatefold 12”! This is limited to 1100 and is a RSD exclusive.This star studded release features the songs from the original ‘Lets Barbecue 7” that first graced us back in 1983 (and is now quit the collectors item) ; plus an additional track from that same session that never saw the light of day! Also included are 5 tracks from the AOD demo tape that came out in 1982. These tracks were never rerecorded for anything else. For the first time ever all these have now been restored and remastered and are presented to you at 45RPM’s for optimal audio enjoyment! Add to that a fabulous gatefold packaging , lyrics and liner notes written by none other then the band itself. Along with pictures ; some of which have never been seen by the public! Plus a plastic collectable download card so you can keep your record as safe as Han Solo frozen in Carbonite! You have yourself a release that will hit you like a pie in the face at a Three Stooges convention!

1. Suburbia 2. Old People Talk LOUD! 3. Trans Am 4. House Husband 5. Mischief Night 6. Status Symbol 7. Scare Tactics 8. A.O.D. Theme 9. Entrapment 10. Die For A Cause 11. Ass Kisser 12. Work Song 

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Gob Iron

"Waterloo"/"True Transmission To Your Heart" [RSD 2019]

Vinyl: $8.99 Buy

"Waterloo"/"True Transmission To Your Heart"

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Chuck Mosley

Joe Haze Session #2 [RSD 2019]

Vinyl: $10.98 Buy

After three decades working in music, Chuck Mosley (Faith No More, Bad Brains, Indoria, Primitive Race) decided to pursue a solo project with a raw, psychedelic, acoustic direction. Armed with his guitar, a vocal effects processor, and a few friends (Cris Morgan, Randy Pirosko, and Douglas Esper), he embarked on a two year tour and completed a few recording sessions. During a six-hour block in August of 2017 with producer Joe Haze, Chuck recorded two covers, “Nothing Compares 2 U,” originally written by Prince (and originally made famous by Sinead O’Connor), and “Take this Bottle” by Faith No More (a FNM cut recorded during Mike Patton’s reign). The two recordings have never been released until now.

This ended up as Chuck’s last time recording in a studio before his death on November 9th 2017. His guitar solo on Nothing Compares 2 U never got completed as the band had to leave for a show that night in Salt Lake City.

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Rockaway Beach [RSD 2019]

Vinyl: $10.99 Buy

It’s that wonderful time of the year again where we celebrate the glory that are record stores, and in honour of Record Store Day on April 13th 2019, Motörhead Music / Silver Lining Music will release “Rockaway Beach”, a 7” single by Motörhead celebrating their appreciation of another legendary, pioneering bunch, the Ramones.  Featuring their roaring take on “Rockway Beach”, plus a live recording from the 2006 Wacken Festival of their own studio-written tribute from 1991 “R.A.M.O.N.E.S.”  The 7” single will be a coloured vinyl in a good ol’ fashioned standard 7” sleeve featuring exclusive artwork by Tokyo Hiro 

Side A: "Rock Away Beach"/ Side B:  "R.A.M.O.N.E.S. (Live at Wacken 2006)"

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Mutual Benefit

Just Another Diamond Day [RSD 2019]

Vinyl: $23.99 Buy

Red Vinyl

1. Diamond Day 2. Glow Worms 3. Lily Pond 4. Timothy Grub 5. Where I Like To Stand 6. Swallow Song 7. Window Over The Bay 8. Rose Hip November 9. Come Wind Come Rain 10. Hebridean Sun 11. Rainbow River 12. Trazlerman's Song 13. Jog Along Bess 14. Iris's Song For Us

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Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

Wait & Return [RSD 2019]

Vinyl: $14.98 Buy

Brand new EP of exclusive remixes of tracks taken from Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds latest studio album "Who Built The Moon?" by The Reflex and Richard Norris! Standard vinyl, teal color

A1. She Taught Me How To Fly (The Reflex Revision)
A2. Keep On Reaching (The Reflex Revision)
B1. Black & White Sunshine (Richard Norris Remix)

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Ocampo, Ocampo + Watt

Apparatus b/w Better Than a Dirtnap [RSD 2019]

Vinyl: $7.99 Buy

Mike Watt releases on Record Store Day have become an annual tradition, and for good reason. The bass legend, (whose massive resume spans from the Minutemen and fIREHOSE to the Stooges) seems to have an endless supply of new, interesting projects, which find him collaborating with an eclectic group of musicians across a variety of genres. On the latest project, Ocampo, Ocampo + Watt, he teams up with Devin and Renata Ocampo. Devin hails from Dischord band The Effects. The trio performed together for the first time at DC venue The Black Cat’s 25th anniversary show. Their debut 7” release comes just in time for Record Store Day 2019.

Apparatus b/w Better Than a Dirtnap

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Ol' Dirty Bastard

Intoxicated [RSD 2019]

Vinyl: $15.98 UNAVAILABLE

RSD Exclusive 12". Pressed on Wu-Tang yellow vinyl

SIDE 1: Intoxicated feat Raekwon, Method Man & Macy Gray
SIDE 2: Obey Me [Mathematics x J.PERIOD Remix] feat. Young Dirty Bastard

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Buried Deeper Within / Impact (The Cursed Earth Mix) [RSD 2019]

Vinyl: $9.98 Buy

A limited double A-side club 12’’ on colored vinyl with two previously unreleased Orbital remixes, both done by the band. On one side ‘Buried Deeper Within’, a remix of a stand out track from Orbital’s last album Monsters Exist. On the flip a remix of one of their all-time classic tracks ‘Impact’, the original is on their revered second album from 1993. 2019 is Orbital’s 30th year in the industry, so it feels very fitting to mark this with a remix of a classic track, alongside a remix from the most recent album. Vinyl only release. No download card.

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Osaka Popstar/Barnes & Barnes

Fish Heads (Maxi Single) [RSD 2019]

Vinyl: $13.99 Buy

This special split maxi-single celebrates the 40th anniversary of the #1 most requested song of all-time on the infamous Dr. Demento Show… the hit novelty classic “Fish Heads”! Features the all-new punk-pop cover version by NYC’s Osaka Popstar (the first single from the #1 Billboard charting album “Dr. Demento Covered in Punk” —out now) teamed with the original 1978 version that inspired it, as performed by comedy-music cult icons Barnes & Barnes—back on vinyl for the first time since the 1980s! Plus two exclusive bonus tracks! Neon pink vinyl.

Side 1:
1.) “Fish Heads” by Osaka Popstar (from the album "Dr. Demento Covered in Punk”)
2.) “Fish Heads” (Instrumental) by Osaka Popstar (Previously unreleased)
Side 2:
1.) “Fish Heads” by Barnes & Barnes (From the 1980 LP “Voobaha")
2.) “High School Gym” by Barnes & Barnes (non-album B-Side from the 1978 “Fish Heads” 45 rpm single)

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Alfred Panou & The Art Ensemble of Chicago

Je Suis Un Sauvage/Le Moral Necessaire [RSD 2019]

Vinyl: $13.99 Buy

A single produced by the highly-revered Saravah label at the time, featuring the Art Ensemble of Chicago backing the poetry of the little-remembered Alfred Panou, is not as well-known as the label's other releases. Seen in the 1967 film Weekend by Jean-Luc Godard, Alfred Panou, who is of mixed Benin-Togolese origin, already had a career as an actor in political theater when, pushed by producer Pierre Barouh, he recorded two of his texts concerning Black Power. Panou's prose is one of the first, in its own way, to question the notion of black identity. The rowdy poly-instrumental jungle fantasy of the Art Ensemble of Chicago creates a musical counterpoint. First ever vinyl reissue; Color vinyl; Worldwide edition of 2000.

A1. Je Suis Un Sauvage B1. Le Moral Nécessaire

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Pink Crustaceans [RSD 2019]

Vinyl: $19.98 UNAVAILABLE

MP3 Album: $9.99 Download

The fifth album from Pepper, released in 2008, but never before on vinyl! (Colored vinyl, too, especially for Record Store Day!)

Freeze/The Phoenix/Davey Jones Locker/Do Something?Slave/Things That You Love/Ambition/Wet Dreams/Love 101/Stand And Fall/Black Out/Lucy/Drive/Miusical 69

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Justin Courtney Pierre

Open Mic At The Lo-Fi : Vol 1 [RSD 2019]

Vinyl: $21.98 Buy

Justin Courtney Pierre (frontman of Motion City Soundtrack) is back with three new songs plus one cover of a Jesus & Mary Chain classic. The players on these recordings include Justin Courtney Pierre – Vocals, Guitar, Bass , Dani Barstad – Drums, Heidi Brink – Vocals and Thomas Rehbein – Percussion, Loops, Vocals. Dubbed “Open Mic at the Lo-Fi: Vol 1 ” these tracks were produced and engineered by Thomas Rehbein. This RSD 2019 exclusive vinyl features four tracks on Side A and an etching on Side B.

Side A - 9:05
My Girl Margot - 1:27
Inside Voice - 2:41
Midnight Special - 3:24
Drop - 1:30

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The Pietasters

Willis [RSD 2019]

LP: $22.99 Buy

The 1997 debut Epitaph/Hellcat release from The Pietasters. Produced by Brett Gurewitz of Bad Religion/Epitaph Records. Colored vinyl reissue for Record Store Day 2019.

1. Crazy Monkey Woman" 2. "Out All Night" 3. "Ocean" 4. "Fat Sack" 5. "Stone Feeling" 6. "Higher" 7. "Time Won't Let Me" 8. "Without You" 9. "Crime" 10. "Quicksand" 11. "Bitter" 12. "New Breed" 13. "Moment"

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PJ Masks

Time to Be a Hero! (Original Cast Recording) [RSD 2019]

Vinyl: $18.98 Buy

1st time on vinyl

Side A
1. PJ Masks Live Theme
2. Night Ninja Theme
3. Romeo Theme
4. Luna Girl Theme
5. Best Villain in Town
6. Heroes Unite
7. Climb Zone
8. Just Think Of It

Side B
1. PJ Headquarters
2. Time For Adventure
3. Mighty Little Gekko
4. Rock of All Power
5. Power of Friendship
6. Villain March
7. Hey Hey Owlette
8. Time To Be a Hero

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The Police

Message In A Bottle [RSD 2019]

Vinyl: $19.99 Buy

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Green River

Live at the Tropicana 1984 [RSD 2019]

Vinyl: $22.99 UNAVAILABLE

MP3 Album: $6.99 Download

Unreleased live recording from the band's personal archives.  Recorded on Sept 28,1984 at the Tropicana in Olympia Washington. Featuring Mark Arm & Steve Turner of Mudhoney and Jeff Ament & Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam.   Includes Original Concert Poster and Early Band Photos. Limited to 2000 copies.  Pressed at RTI

Against The Grain, 10,000 Things, New God, Corner Of My Eye, P.C.C., Strange Ways, Tunnel Of Love

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Greta Van Fleet

From The Fires [LP]

Vinyl: $15.98 UNAVAILABLE

MP3 Album: $7.99 Download

The 2019 GRAMMY Winner for Best Rock Album, Greta Van Fleet will be releasing their breakthrough album From The Fires for the first time ever on vinyl! The record includes their #1 songs "Highway Tune" and "Safari Song".

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Pete Rock

Return of the SP-1200 [RSD 2019]

Vinyl: $24.99 Buy

Pete Rock is widely recognized as one of the greatest hip hop producers of all time. His name is oft included in the pantheon of the greatest, alongside DJ Premier, RZA and J Dilla. In addition, Pete has one of the world’s most extensive vinyl collections, the sort of collection who’s size can only be estimate – and that estimate stands in excess of 100,000 LPs. 2019 will see the launch of Pete Rock’s own imprint, Tru Soul Records. And being a lover of all things vinyl, he’s decided that the label’s inaugural has to be for Record Store Day.

Rock’s production forte is the melding of Jazz with early 90s East Coast boom bap, as demonstrated though his work with partner in rhyme CL Smooth. But there was a time before Pete met CL, a time before the world came to know Pete Rock & CL Smooth, a time when Pete was a 19 year old in his basement in Mount Vernon, NY making beats with his SP-1200. These are those beats. Released for the first time ever on “Return Of The SP-1200” debuting on Record Store Day 2019.

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The Rolling Stones

Through The Past Darkly [RSD 2019]

Vinyl: $31.99 Buy

50th Anniversary UK Edition of The Rolling Stones 1969 LP (known as Big Hits Volume 2) contains four top 10 hits and two #1 singles. Housed in restored Octagon jacket, with die-cut back sleeve showcasing color-coded Stereo inner sleeve. Pressed on 180g Orange vinyl, limited edition to North America manufactured locally in the USA.

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The Rolling Stones

Big Hits (High Tides and Green Grass) UK [RSD 2019]

Vinyl: $34.99 Buy

UK Edition of The Rolling Stones 1966 legendary LP, which contains four #1 singles. Original ‘fisheye’ artwork restored for this edition, including a 12x12 full-color photo insert. Pressed on 180g Green vinyl, limited edition to North America manufactured locally in the USA.

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Saigon, Inspectah Deck & Bekay

The Raw [RSD 2019]

Vinyl: $11.99 Buy

Fourteen years after dropping the single as their first-ever release, Coalmine Records celebrates Record Store Day 2019 with a limited vinyl rerelease of “The Raw” featuring hard-hitting verses from Saigon, Inspectah Deck, and Bekay. Back on April 12, 2005, the single’s initial release marked the beginning of a storied run of no-nonsense Hip-Hop from the Brooklyn-based label. In addition to boasting razor sharp verses from the three NY spitters, “The Raw” also boasts ill piano-laced production supplied by Philly’s Street Orchestra, complimented with the slick turntable work of DJ Dutchmaster. And that’s just on the A-side. The single’s B-side reimagines the track with a synth-forward, sci-fi vibe, courtesy of a then-freshman beatsmith, !llmind, who’s gone onto become one of Hip-Hop’s most influential producers. For this very special rerelease, Coalmine Records is paying homage to the pioneering indie label, Delicious Vinyl, in remembrance of their co-founder, Matt Dike, who sadly passed in March 2018. The single’s label artwork includes a clever flip of their iconic logo, while the record itself is pressed on blood-red vinyl to play off the track title. This limited edition rerelease is manufactured exclusively for Record Store Day 2019, where it will be available through various participating record shops.

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San Fermin

Live at the Fillmore [RSD 2019]

Vinyl: $22.98 Buy

San Fermin Live At The Fillmore was recorded at The Fillmore in San Francisco, CA on February 23, 2018. Magik*Magik Orchestra, who have toured with Death Cab For Cutie, Nick Cave, Weezer, etc., joined San Fermin during the performance. Also, the performance occurred during the filming of a currently unreleased documentary entitled San Fermin: No Promises, which provides a glimpse into the five-year history of critically-acclaimed indie rock band San Fermin. The piece details the band’s rise from its classical music underpinnings to a touring enterprise and perennial festival performer. Shown through the lens of sold-out shows on the east and west coast, everyday life in New York City, and studio recording and rehearsal, the film unwraps the relationships that have transformed a grandiose, logistically impractical endeavor from bandleader Ellis Ludwig-Leone into a unique community of musicians and friends. As the journey unfolds, this community is tested by the departure of its lead singer as they begin work on a new album. The show at The Fillmore was the last for the band's lead singer. The documentary will be released in conjunction with the live album and a digital or physical copy of the documentary will be included in the vinyl package. 

Side A
The Woods
Better Company
Side B

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Breaking Down The Door [RSD 2019]

Vinyl: $7.98 Buy

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I Don't Want: The Gold Fire Sessions [RSD 2019]

Vinyl: $21.99 Buy

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Joan Shelley

Rivers and Vessels [RSD 2019]


Limited vinyl pressing of Joan Shelley’s 2017 covers collections. Features duets with Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Julia Purcell, Doug Paisley and Daniel Martin Moore. Limited to 1,000 copies worldwide.

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Shocking Blue

Singles Collection [RSD 2019]

Vinyl: $42.98 Buy

Shocking Blue’s single collection (A’s & B’s) part 2 continues where part 1 left off. The album begins with the band’s last ever hit single “Oh Lord” (released on March 26,1973). “Oh Lord” made it to #14 in the Dutch charts, and was taken from the album ‘Ham’. Robbie van Leeuwen had written the songs for Ham late in 1972, whilst confined to bed suffering from jaundice and enduring a creative block after years of writing, producing, performing and touring. Whilst van Leeuwen retained his involvement in recording, plus radio and TV appearances, this proved to be a short-lived arrangement. Ultimately, the singles “Let me carry your bag/I saw you in June”, ”Dream on Dreamer/ Where the picknick was” and the remixed album Ham (retitled in late 1973 as Dream on Dreamer , which featured 4 new tracks) were his last recordings with Shocking Blue and he left the band early in 1974. 

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Simple Minds

Graffity Soul + Searching For The Lost Boys [RSD 2019]

Vinyl: $33.99 Buy

Exclusively for Record Store Day 2019, Demon Records proudly presents a re-creation of the limited edition gatefold 2LP set issued in 2009 – the original new album, plus a bonus LP of nine cover versions recorded at the same sessions. Features the band’s unique performances of songs by Neil Young, Magazine, Siouxsie & The Banshees, The Stranglers, The Call, Nick Lowe, Massive Attack, Thin Lizzy and the Beach Boys. Presented as a 2LP Gatefold release, with Yellow and Blue 180g Vinyl.

SIDE A 1. Moscow Underground 2. Rockets 3. Stars Will Lead The Way 4. Light Travels
SIDE B 1. Kiss And Fly 2. Graffiti Soul 3. Blood Type O 4. This Is It 5. Shadows And Light

SIDE C 1. Rockin’ In The Free World 2. A Song From Under The Floorboards 3. Christine 4. (Get A) Grip (On Yourself) 5. Let The Day Begin
SIDE D 1. Peace Love And Understanding 2. Teardrop 3. Whiskey In the Jar 4. Sloop John B

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Josh Klinghoffer

"Jeepster"/"Monolith" [RSD 2019]

Vinyl: $7.98 Buy

MP3 Album: $1.79 Download

Chad Smith and Josh Klinghoffer team up to cover two T. Rex classics on this limited edition 7" vinyl release for Record Store Day 2019. Klinghoffer takes on guitar, bass, and vocal duties, with Smith on the drums. The release is limited to 3,000 copies worldwide.


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Spacebomb House Band

Known About Town: Library Music Compendium One [RSD 2019]

Vinyl: $18.98 Buy

Instrumental, interstitial music, and spiritual sounds by the Spacebomb House Band, the musicians and arrangers behind records by Matthew E. White, Natalie Prass, Foxygen, The Waterboys, Slow Club, Bedouine, Nadia Reid, & more…  Released on soda bottle clear vinyl 

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Sad Robots [RSD 2019]

Vinyl: $18.98 Buy

Debut vinyl edition of 2008 six song e.p. pressed on 180g sea foam green vinyl w DL card.

1. Maintenance Hall, 4 A.M.
2. A Thread Cut with a Carving Knife
3. Undertow

4. Going, Going, Gone (Live version)
5. 14 Forever
6. Sad Robot

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Stranger Attractor

Stranger Attractor [RSD 2019]


Two song 7-inch on splatter colored vinyl by Stranger Attractor, a dark synth-wave duo from Indianapolis featuring former members of Skeletonwitch, Demiricous, and Sacred Leather. NOTE: This is being released in conjunction with Indy CD & Vinyl in Indianapolis and will have a heavy focus in that region. 

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Cecil Taylor

The Great Paris Concert [RSD 2019]

Vinyl: $34.98 Buy

Cecil Taylor has always been considered one of the most daring and radical improvisers within the jazz genre, often pushing the boundaries with avant-garde and free jazz compositions. The Great Paris Concert is no exception Taylor's reputation. The artistic communication between the players of Taylor's quartet is second to none, and it's certainly palpable on every track of the album. Echoing each other's melodies, and 'battling' each other with solos, the group may have never sounded better. This historic concert - long out of print on vinyl - has been remastered by Infrasonic Mastering, and is presented across two audiophile-grade LPs, complete with photos and liner notes.

A Student Studies Part 1 B Student Studies Part 2 C Amplitude D Niggle Feuigle

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Ten Years After

The Cap Ferrat Sessions [RSD 2019]

Vinyl: $22.98 Buy

This limited LP on green vinyl is Exclusive for RSD and the first of a handful of releases to comemorate the 50th Anniversary of the bands legendary appearance at Woodstock in 1969.  The Cap Ferrat Sessions took place during the recording of their 'Rock & Roll Music To The World' album and first appeared on the 2017 10CD Box Set '1969-1974'.   This is the first appearance outside the box set and first time on vinyl.

Look At Yourself (2017 Remaster)
Running Around (2017 Remaster)
Holy Shit (2017 Remaster)
There's A Feeling (2017 Remaster)
I Hear You Calling My Name (2017 Remaster)

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The Bird And The Bee

the bird and the bee [Limited Edition Clearwater Blue LP]

Vinyl: $29.99 Buy

MP3 Album: $8.99 Download

First pressing sold out in hours on RSD 2019, now repressed on Clearwater Blue Vinyl. Produced, engineered, and mixed by Greg Kurstin.  The Bird and the Bee is Grammy Award Winning Producer Greg Kurstin (Adele, Foo Fighters, Flaming Lips, Sia and Paul McCartney, the list goes on) & LA Singer-Songwriter Inara George. "the bird & the bee" is the duo's self titled synth-pop debut originally released in 2007.  With millions of streams, the record continues to be discovered in recent years.  "About 4 years ago I was driving in my car and this song came on the radio, the band was called The Bird and the Bee, the song was called "Again and Again" and it blew my mind. It was like electronic jazz with this beautiful voice singing over top of it.  -Dave Grohl

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Palms - Deeper Wells [RSD 2019]

Vinyl: $21.98 Buy

Palms- Deeper Wells- EP includes four new unreleased tracks, recorded during the sessions for their 2018 album, Palms. Produced by Eric Palmquist and Thrice and mixed by John Congelton. Thrice have sold over 2 million units in the US and will be touring the world bringing their unstoppable live show to the masses. This RSD 2019 exclusive is pressed on white vinyl, with 4 songs on Side A and an etching on Side B.

Track listing: 1. Deeper Wells -2:52 , 2. A Better Bridge- 4:27 , 3. In This Storm -4:54 , 4. Stumbling West – 4:46

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Willow [RSD 2019]

Vinyl: $9.99 Buy

Stuart A. Staples of Tindersticks wrote and produced the film score for the new Claire Denis film "High Life" starring Robert Pattinson (Twilight, Harry Potter). Pattinson sings the lead vocal on the song "Willow" from the film, backed by Tindersticks. This marks his first musical collaboration and release. The film is set for release in 2019, and Tindersticks are planning a full-length for later in the year, their last since the critically acclaimed 2016 album "The Waiting Room."

SIDE A: Willow (featuring Robert Pattinson) SIDE B: Willow (Instrumental)

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Pinar Toprak

Krypton [RSD 2019]

Vinyl: $27.98 Buy

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Beth Hart

Front and Center [RSD 2019]

Vinyl: $25.98 Buy

Limited edition colored vinyl from Beth Hart's PBS performance Front and Center- Live From New York. Never before released as a vinyl album

A1 Let's Get Together (Live)
A2 Baddest Blues (Live)
A3 Jazz Man (Live)
A4 Delicious Surprise (Live)
B1 Broken And Ugly (Live)
B2 St. Teresa (Live)
B3 Isolation (Live)
C1 Tell Her You Belong To Me (Live)
C2 Fat Man (Live)
C3 Love Gangster (Live)
C4 Leave The Light On (Live)
D1 As Long As I Have A Song (Live)
D2 Can't Let Go (Live)
D3 For My Friends (Live)
D4 No Place Like Home (Live)

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KT Tunstall


Vinyl: $11.99 Buy

Side A 1. John The Conqueror (WAX B-side) 2. Thrown Down Boy (WAX B-side); Side B 1. Blister in the Sun (Violent Femmes cover)

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The Haunt

"All Went Black" Remix by Boots [RSD 2019]

Vinyl: $10.99 Buy

The band’s first single “All Went Black” by Jordan Asher (Boots), producer of Beyonce, Run The Jewels, and FKA Twigs. NOTE: This is being released in conjunction with Radio-active Records in Ft. Lauderdale and will have a heavy focus in that region. 

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Various Artists

Rough Guide To A World Of Guitar [RSD 2019]

Vinyl: $19.99 Buy

Undoubtedly the most versatile of all instruments, the guitar’s unrivalled cross-cultural popularity has made it synonymous with musical genres far and wide. From Congolese soukous to Calcutta slide guitar, this collection features kindred creative spirits who have harnessed its limitless expressive potential. 

SIDE A: 1. Debashish Bhattacharya & Friends: Kirwani One.5+8.Five 2. Samba Touré: White Crocodile Blues (A song for M) 3. Bob Brozman Orchestra: Ska Waltz Train 4. Steve Tilston: Slow Air In Dropped D 5. Shiyani Ngcobo: Kheta Eyakho  SIDE B: 1. John Renbourn & Wizz Jones: Hey Hey  2. Ramon Goose: Futa (Feat. Justin Adams) 3.  Horacio Avilano and Martín Alvarado: Milonga De Corralon 4. Syran Mbenza & Ensemble Rumba Kongo: Infidelité Mado 5. Kolpakov Duo: Grushen’ka

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Various Artists

Folk and Pop Sounds of Sumatra Vol 2 [RSD 2019]

Vinyl: $32.99 Buy

“Folk and Pop Sounds of Sumatra Vol. 2 expands our presentation of the world's least-known, outstanding musical improbabilities. From the infectious trance beat of Sumatra's Folk Dangdut music, featuring Rabab (violin) or Saluang (flute), to the highly-refined and glorious Orkes Gambus (Orchestral Arabic music with 'Gambus' literally meaning 'oud'), said to have been brought to the island by Islamic settlers from Yemen, the 18 tracks featured here will instantly convince the listener of the expressive beauty and diversity this wondrous Island has to offer to the world music theater. Most of the musicians on this release are 'Minangkabau' or 'Minang' people who are devout followers of Islam as well as the world's largest Matrilineal society (a Minangkabau child is the descendent of his/her mother, not father). The other styles present are: Sitogol (storytelling in vocal style), Pop Minang music with Talempong (small, rounded gongs played with mallets), Tari, and Traditional Minang (music for ceremony and dance) and one brilliant track of Western pop. The music in this collection is from the 1960s through the 1980s and is all but forgotten by many Sumatrans who seem to prefer a more contemporary sound. Many of the older cassette tapes have disappeared from the markets and shops and are now thought of as antiques. As in many other countries around the world, modern technology has eclipsed the need for full ensembles/more organic forms of these pseudo-traditional styles. Keep in mind that this is not a document for the mere purpose of preservation, although it may serve as such. This is among the very best music you've never heard and you need to hear it now!" --Alan Bishop

Features Syamsudin, Gumarang Sakti, Iswani Ismail, Elly Kasim, Umni Nadra, Fetty, H.J. Zahara, Mukhsin, Haba Haba Group, Minang Traditional Group, Muchlis, and Ahmad Baki/Halimah Fadil. Compiled by Alan Bishop. Limited edition double-LP; full color gatefold featuring original cover art and liner notes.

A1. Syamsudin - Sigumendar (Rabab Dangdut) A2. Gumarang Sakti - Tari Garak Sapayuang (Tarian Minang) A3. Iswani Ismail - Nelayan (Orkes Gambus)
B1. Elly Kasim - Ayam Den Lapeh (Pop Modern) B2. Umni Nadra - Senjah Indah (Orkes Gambus) B3. Syamsudin - Talang Denti (Rabab Dangdut) B4. Fetty - Pariaman (Minang Talempong) B5. H.J. Zahara - Mali ila Ahadin (Orkes Gambus)
C1. Mukhsin - Tanjuang Sani (Saluang Dangdut) C2. Ummi Nadra - Taubat (Orkes Gambus) C3. Haba Haba Group - Kijom Kijom (Saluang Sitogol) C4. Syamsudin - Bunga Rampai (Rabab Dangdut) C5. Minang Traditional Group - Vocal & Percussion (Folklore Traditional)
D1. Muchlis - Salam Pembukaan (Orkes Gambus) D2. Syamsudin - Bayang Terbyang (Rabab Dangdut) D3. Ahmad Baki/Halimah Fadil - Usah Dikenang (Orkes Gambus) D4. Minang Traditional Group - Vocal & Horn (Folklore Traditional)

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Various Artists

Mickey Mouse Disco [RSD 2019]

Vinyl: $18.99 Buy

First released in 1979, Mickey Mouse Disco includes disco-fied versions of Disney classics and Disney-fied versions of disco classics including "Disco Mickey Mouse", "Macho Duck", "It's A Small World" and more!

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David Bowie / Marlene Dietrich

Revolutionary Songs/Just A Gigolo [RSD 2019]

Vinyl: $12.99 Buy

After legendary English musician David Bowie started his movie career by playing the lead in The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976) he was starring in Just a Gigolo (Schöner Gigolo, armer Gigolo). The West German movie about a Prussian officer who works as a gigolo in a brothel run by the Baroness (Marlene Dietrich) after he returns home from the great war, included different songs. Bowie contributed a piece of music to the film; his so-called "Revolutionary Song", played by a band called The Rebels. Later it became a collector’s item. Besides this track the 7-inch include the 1928 title song Just a Gigolo, performed by Marlene Dietrich. It was her last film appearance and last song she recorded during her lifetime.

Revolutionary Song / Just a Gigolo is available as a limited edition of 8.000 individually numbered copies on transparent blue vinyl.

• 7" Disco Sleeve

SIDE A David Bowie/The Rebels-- David Bowie's Revolutionary Song SIDE B: Marlene Dietrich Just A Gigolo

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Various Artists

Record Safari Motion Picture Soundtrack [RSD Drops Oct 2020]

Vinyl: $24.99 Buy

RSD First - Oct

The soundtrack for the documentary film, Record Safari, on standard vinyl. Record Safari is a feature documentary about vinyl record collectors. Vinyl records are Alex Rodriguez’s drug, and he’s turned his addiction into a career. Running the Glass House record rtore and curating for Coachella Music Festival’s on-site record store, Alex spends weeks on the road buying records and swapping stories with fellow collectors, musicians, enthusiasts and producers. Record Safari takes you on the journey as Alex searches high and low for these sought-after pieces of plastic and gives us an inside look into the world of record collecting.

1. Bikini Kill- “This Is Not A Test”, 2. Deidre & The Dark- “Which Way”, 3. High Waisted- “Hey Hey”, 4. Atmosphere- “Camera Thief”, 5. Fiona Silver- “Here Comes The Fall”, 6. Deidre & The Dark- “Tell Me”, 7. Lenny Kaye- “Record Collector”
1. Fiona Silver- “Housewife”, 2. Atlantic Thrills- “Day At The Beach”, 3. Atmosphere- “To All My Friends”, 4. The Chamber Strings- “Check Out Girls”, 5. The Postmarks- “You Drift Away”, 6. Deidre & The Dark- “Can't Believe You're Mine”, 7. Outro: "Thanks”

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