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Format: CD
Label: MCA
Catalog: 10973
Rel. Date: 06/07/1994
UPC: 008811097325

Walk on
Artist: Boston
Format: CD

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''Walk On'' is the fourth studio album by American band Boston, released in 1994. (See 1994 in music). ''Walk On'' is the only Boston album to not feature Brad Delp as vocalist.

After the overall success of ''Third Stage'', the band began planning a follow-up and writings for ''Walk On'' began in 1988. Delp left the band in 1990 to join original Boston guitarist Barry Goudreau in forming RTZ. He returned to Boston for the Walk On tour and for the Corporate America album.

''Walk On'' peaked at #7 on the ''Billboard 200'' and was certified Platinum by the RIAA on September 8, 1994.

The Walk On tour ran from 1994-1995 in both the US and around the world, with both Delp and ''Walk On'' album lead singer Fran Cosmo on vocals.

The final eight pages of the album's booklet are titled "Walk On -- Against Violence and Cruelty" and are dedicated to preventing Domestic Abuse and Animal Cruelty, providing contact information of numerous organizations, including The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and The Humane Society. The band would do similarly in their next album.

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