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Bravery - Bravery


Format: CD
Catalog: 416302
Rel. Date: 03/29/2005
UPC: 075021039797

Artist: Bravery
Format: CD

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''The Bravery'' is the self-titled debut album by New York Alternative rock band The Bravery, released in March 2005 (see 2005 in music).

The first single from the album, "An Honest Mistake" was released on February 28, 2005. The UK and Japanese releases of the album contains the bonus track "Hot Pursuit." The version on the Japanese edition is a different mix featuring Gillian Conway (keyboardist John Conway's sister) on vocals along with Sam Endicott. The Japanese release also includes "Hey Sunshiney Day", which was also released in the UK as a B-side. - Wikipedia

This New York quintet's narcissistic attitude and image is ludicrously contrived--they make Interpol look underdressed and the Strokes look mannerly. But being so hideously "over the top" is no crime in pop if your music is as brash, loud, and extreme as your neon, get-over-yourself ego. At times, the Bravery bring back memories better left buried of Dead or Alive^1s "You Spin Me Round," and their looping keyboards can feel as glib as some Men Without Hats invasion. But their "bravado" and brazenness sometimes elevates them. Unlike the kitschy 80s fluffsters, these hipper Gothamites utilize aggressive drums and bass, giving them a hard edge and forward momentum. Head Brave-man, singer/songwriter/producer Sam Endicott, has enough talent to make a potential radio/club smash like "An Honest Mistake" the sound of cutting edge rock disco 2005. His ability to sort out a big chorus with some kick behind it, and tie it to a belligerent dance beat could indeed make his outfit the second palatable hit dance band in America, climbing upwards through the newly blazed Franz Ferdinand pass. If so, their vacuous vanity might stand out less than the hammered thumb it is now.
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