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Split The Difference [Import]
Artist: Gomez
Format: CD
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"Following their fervent critique of post-9/11 US policies on 2002's In Our Gun, Gomez make their most political statement to date: No more fiery responses to ""Let's Roll!"" We'll settle for ""Let's Rock!"" To be sure, the rock the UK group chisels out sure ain't Stonehenge. ""Me, You, and Everybody"" jangles languidly through Blues Traveler territory, ""Where Ya Going?"" treads on a tired Bush league riff, and even Ben Ottewell's sensitive tough-guy snarl (does he gargle with glass?) can't make up for the band's retired college-rock tropes. The sprightly pop shimmy of the second track ""These Three Sins"" offers to add ""maraca overload"" to the titular list of ""lust, ambition, and greed""; eleven more tracks of generic jam-band wankery add up to a trip is far too long and hardly strange enough.

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