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Title Artist Release Date Label Format Price
Nightmare On Elm Street 2 Nightmare On Elm Street 2 1970-01-01 Used DVD $5.00 BUY
Goosebumps: Cry Of The Cat Goosebumps 2005-04-12 Twentieth Century Fox DVD $5.00 BUY
The Shawshank Redemption / The Green Mile 2017-02-07 WHV DVD $4.80 BUY
Pretty Little Liars: The Complete First Season Pretty Little Liars [TV Series] 2011-06-07 WHV DVD $3.20 BUY
The Nightmare Before Christmas (25th Anniversary Edition) 2018-09-04 WD Blu-Ray $7.20 BUY
Toy Story 3 Toy Story [Movie] 2019-05-26 WD Blu-Ray $6.40 BUY
Best Of Both Worlds Concert 2d/3d Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus 2008-08-19 WALT DISNEY VIDEO DVD $2.40 BUY
Doggystyle Snoop Dogg 1970-01-01 Used CD $6.00 BUY
Greatest Hits Procol Harum 1996-05-07 AM CD $7.00 BUY
Eminem Presents: The Re-Up [Clean] Eminem 2006-12-05 SHADY RECORDS CD $4.00 BUY
Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Fa Wilder/Albertson/Ostrum/Kinnear 2004-09-14 Warner Studios DVD $3.20 BUY
Art of Tea Michael Franks 1990-10-25 RPRW CD $4.00 BUY
Supersonic JJ Fad 1990-10-25 ATCO CD $5.00 BUY
Tremors 4: Legend Begins Tremors [Movie] 2004-08-24 MHV DVD $3.20 BUY
National Lampoon's Animal House [30th Anniversary Edition] National Lampoons Animal House [Movie] 2008-10-28 UNIVERSAL STUDIOS DVD $3.20 BUY
Sorry to Bother You Sorry To Bother You [Movie] 2018-10-23 FOX Blu-Ray $5.60 BUY
Monty Python-Life Of Brian 2004-01-27 STARZ HOME ENTERTAINMENT DVD $4.00 BUY
Legend Of Bagger Vance/Tin Cup Legend Of Bagger Vance/Tin Cup 2014-03-11 PARAMOUNT CATALOG DVD $4.00 BUY
Salems Lot: The Mini-Series (1979) / (Full Ecoa) 2014-04-29 WARNER HOME VIDEO DVD $4.80 BUY
Curse of the Puppet Master Curse Of The Puppet Master 1998-05-26 FULM DVD $4.00 BUY
Sweet and Wild Jewel 2010-06-08 VLRY CD $4.00 BUY
Lean on Me Lean On Me 2010-02-02 WHV DVD $3.20 BUY
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug The Hobbit [Movie] 2014-04-08 NEWL DVD $4.00 BUY
Hit List [Import] Unwritten Law 2007-01-02 ROCKET SCIENCE CD $4.00 BUY
Redneck Zombies 2003-10-14 Troma DVD $4.80 BUY
Everybody's Talkin' [BMG] Harry Nilsson 1997-11-11 BMG SPECIAL PRODUCT CD $6.00 BUY
Hyaena Siouxsie & The Banshees 1990-10-25 GEFFEN RECORDS CD $5.00 BUY
Zombi 2 Zombi 2 2004-07-27 SHRIEK SHOW DVD $4.80 BUY
Fire Is Coming Bill Pinkney & Original Drifte 1970-01-01 Used CD $3.00 BUY
Light It Up Rev Theory 2008-06-10 ISC CD $5.00 BUY

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